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Wings (Traditional or Boneless)

Choose a home made sauce
BBQ-Sweet Heat BBQ-Cajun Buff-Mango Hab.-Garlic Parm.
Half Lbs. – $7.99 Full Lbs. – $10.49

Greek Fries –

Lou Ha’s award winning house fries covered in feta cheese and
Momma’s Greek Dressing. $6.49

Ed’s Quesadilla –

Flour tortilla stuffed and grilled with shredded cheddar jack , feta,
black bean and corn. (Add chicken / Gyro for $1.99) $7.99

Smoked Gouda Mac’N’Chz Bites –

Lightly battered and fried macaroni and cheese, served with
buttermilk ranch. $5.99

Hummus Basket –

Choice of warm pita or fried pita chips, and your choice of our
home made original or roasted red pepper hummus. $6.49

Fried Pickle s –

Lightly battered and fried pickle spears, served with Southwest
ranch. $6.99

~Fresh Soups & Salads~

(All soups and salads are made from scratch daily)

Fire House Chili –

Made fresh in house with mixed beans, peppers and ground
chuck. $4.99

Caesar Salad –

Romaine, homemade giant croutons, shredded Parmesan served
with our Caesar dressing. Small $4.99 Large $6.99

Southwest Salad –

Grilled Cajun dusted chicken, Romaine, black bean and roasted
corn, homemade giant croutons and shredded jack cheese. Served
with Southwest ranch dressing. $8.99

Momma’s Greek Salad –

Iceberg lettuce,fresh feta,onion,pepperoncini,Kalamata olive, cucumber,green pepper,tomato and our signature Momma’s Greek Dressing. Small $6.49 Large $7.99

Add chicken or Gyro to any salad for only $1.99

~House Specials~

Fish and Chips –

Fresh fish that we hand dredge in house with our secret recipe
batter, lightly deep fried to a golden crisp, served with fresh
coleslaw LH fries and Tartar sauce. $9.99

Chicken Shish Special –

Marinated grilled chicken, over a bed of rice pilaf. Served with a
side Momma Greek Salad, warm pita, Tzatziki sauce and Momma
Greek Dressing. $9.89

Hummus Special –

Choice of our homemade original or roasted red pepper hummus,
warm pita, rice pilaf and a side Momma Greek Salad. $8.99


(Upgrade any wrap to a combo for only $ 3. 50)

Chicken Caesar –

Grilled chicken, provolone cheese, southwest ranch, parmesan
cheese and Caesar dressing. $5.99

Cajun Chicken –

Grilled Cajun dusted chicken, southwest ranch, lettuce, tomato
and provolone cheese. $6.49

Buffalo Chicken –

Chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and buffalo
sauce. $5.99

Chicken Bacon Ranch –

Grilled chicken, apple wood smoked bacon, American cheese,
lettuce, tomato and homemade buttermilk ranch. $6.99


(Upgrade any sandwich to a combo for only $3.50)

Mile High Reuben –

Shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, smothered in
Swiss cheese, served on marble rye bread. $7.49

Pastrami Bomber –

Marbled rye bread stacked high with hot Pastrami, home made
coleslaw, melted Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. $7.49

Cali Club –

Grilled chicken breast, apple wood smoked bacon, provolone,
lettuce, tomato and Chipotle mayo. $6.99

~Hot Off The Grill~

(Upgrade any of the items to a combo for only $3.50)

Original or Chicke n Gyro –

Choice of fresh shaved gyro meat or grilled chicken, served on a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and Tzatziki sauce. $5.99

Chicken Finger Basket –

Breaded and seasoned chicken tenders, lightly fried to a golden
perfection. Served with LH fries and a your choice of sauce. $7.99

The CBK –

Marinated and grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, provolone
cheese, served on a Kaiser roll. $6.49

Lou’s Steak and Onion –

Shaved rib eye, caramelized onion smothered in provolone cheese,
served on a hoagie bun. $7.49

Johnny’s Grilled Cheese –

Toasted bread, chicken tenders smothered in provolone and
American cheese. $5.99

3 Cheese Pita –

Two pitas smothered in American, provolone and Swiss cheese,
lettuce, tomato, onion and home made Tzatziki sauce. $6.99

Chicken Shish on a Pita –

Marinated grilled chicken sautéed with green peppers and onions,
tomato and Tzatziki sauce. $7.99

Tommy Pita –

Two pitas with melted provolone cheese,lettuce,grilled chicken and Greek Dressing, topped with Parmesan. $7.99

Fish Tacos –

3 flour tortillas stuffed with house battered fish, lettuce, cheese,
black bean and roasted corn, topped with chipotle mayo. $8.99

Chicken Tender Pita –

Chicken fingers, lettuce, tomato and American cheese served in a
warm pita with buttermilk ranch dressing. $6.49

Gre ek Mac’N’Cheese –

Jumbo macaroni smothered in home made Béchamel sauce then
loaded with freshly shaved Gyro meat, topped with Panko
breadcrumbs. $9.89

~Hand Patti ed Burgers~

(Upgrade any burger to a combo for only $3.50)
All burgers include lettuce and tomato.

Lou Ha’s Burger –

Our signature burger smothered in your choice of cheese. $6.49

Olive Burger –

Loaded with fresh olive sauce and provolone cheese. $6.99

Rodeo Burger –

Caramelized onion, apple wood smoked bacon, American cheese
and sweet BBQ sauce. $6.99

Shroom ‘N’ Swiss Burger –

Freshly sliced and grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese. $6.99

~For the Little Ones~

(Must be under 6 years old /All meals are $3.99)

Chicken fingers and fries ~ Grilled cheese and fries
Kids cheese pita pizza ~ Kids cheese quesadilla